Well-being of humans, lies in well-being of all


wellbeing of all

We live in the modern world, which is referred to as the age of technology, of advancement and of innovation. This is the age of competition and all creatures here, on this planet are fighting for their success and survival. In this fast paced technological world, we have accomplished as a race, the human race, but have failed in being the superior creature of this planet. Accompanied by other social, economic and demographic problems, we have succeeded in making an impact on the world we live in today. This impact however, is a negative one. Every day is a challenge and in our quest to win the challenge we forget what impact we make on the other beings. Nonetheless, we influence our surroundings and the ones living around us in a way we might not ourselves want to be influenced. The struggle to be the best is driving humans crazy. For mankind to be benefitted, we tend to employee all such procedures that in one way or another effect our environment, the animals we share the planet with and all other biotic and abiotic factors of the environment.

The real essence of our well-being, survival and sustainability is actually the sustainability of all, the planet and all its constituents. And this is only possible when we elevate the quality of life by imposing on everyone the family planning laws and rules for using the non-renewable resources and acting as humans, responsible creatures of God.

We think of what to do and not how to do it. The way we do things is harmful for others but the importance of others, environment and the planet itself pales into insignificance when we think of nothing but our sustainability. If humans start thinking in terms of well-being and sustainability of all, then not only quantity but the quality of life will be improved on this planet. Where we are making advancements in every field, health, is being compromised and along with all the anthropogenic activities, others on the planet are being affected too.

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Well-being of humans, lies in well-being of all

  We live in the modern world, which is referred to as the age of technology, of advancement and of...