Be Like America’s Top Fitness Influencers


There are thousands of people working every day to revolutionize the way people think about health, fitness, and happiness, and every year the world tries to highlight and recognise those making the biggest impact.

Health and fitness may not be a priority for all as they think other things they do are more important. Here are our top two health and fitness influencers who will definitely change your mindset. They are people who balance out doing their daily chores and giving their body enough time. It is because of their fitness that they are becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Kyla Itsines

Topping the list of fittest people, and winning at her own game is the Instagram sensation and all-around bikini body badass Kayla Itsines. Founder of the Bikini Body Guides, Istines recently debuted her new app, Sweat With Kayla, which provides weekly coaching tips, quick workouts, and daily menus. Itsines reigns as queen of the largest female fitness community in the world, and if nothing else, her Instagram delivers some seriously fitspirational abs.


  1. Bob Harper

The CrossFit athlete and favourite Biggest Loser trainer is rising in the ranks. Harper will host the hit reality show’s 17th season, adding some competitive new twists (and a heavier emphasis on nutrition). He’s got some huge momentum carrying him into his hosting debut: In 2015, the author released his latest book, Skinny Habits: The 6 Secrets of Thin People, and continued to amp up his Black Fire workouts with Daily Burn.


If you want to be like them, start planning today! Log on to Linkagoal and create fitness goals for yourself and others to find inspiration in. use our insights to achieve milestones and prepare yourself to give Kyla and Bob a tough time in the future.


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