Itchy belly remedies during pregnancy  

Having an itchy kind of a day? Don’t panic, it is perfectly normal to have a skin irritation or itchy belly. If you are pregnant and feeling different every day, it is very normal, you are not the only one.

pregnant woman having backache

Every mother-to -be is experiencing somewhat the same things! Itching just like nausea is one of the most commonly heard complaints throughout pregnancy, especially when a woman has entered her second trimester. The itchiness begins when the pelvic region starts expanding in order to accommodate for the rapidly growing baby inside the uterus.

Many moms to be, start feeling scratchy or uncomfortable by the 23rd gestational week as they continue to grow in size and become more pronounced. This is just as normal as the baby rocking and rolling in the belly. Owing to the fluctuating levels of estrogens, which are major hormones in maintaining pregnancy, itching is inevitable in these days.

Many expecting women seem to stress themselves out over itchy bellies while it is just another symptom from the little bundle of joy residing inside you. The itchiness and the dry skin usually tend to go away and completely disappear after childbirth. When having an itchy belly, mothers need to refrain from scratching so that it may not aggravate. In addition, the mother to be should focus on keeping her cool, moisturize as much as possible along with using vitamin E oil for a soothing massage. An itchy belly is nothing to worry about, yet using a humidifier in your bedroom may help you feel better.



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