Aquatic sports for a healthy lifestyle


Exercises or sports participation are vital for good health and maintaining fitness. There is evidence of the effectiveness and importance of land based exercise or sports on health and fitness. Yet people do not have much awareness of how aquatic sports may provide them with major health benefits in a probably more enjoyable and comfortable way.

There are a number of advantages of swimming, diving and other water sports. The ones that need to be highlighted include waters ability to bear a person’s weight which is good for those with joint pains even the elderly, therapy to many chronic diseases, now called hydrotherapy exercise and stress relief as swimming itself is a recreation.


Swimming is the best way for someone with knee issues to increase lung capacity. It is a very safe way to exercise your body, tone it down and enjoy better breathing capacity. It does not create stress on the ligaments either. The effect of buoyancy gives weightlessness which reduces the impact on the joints and thus ideal for people with joint diseases. It can be ideal for athletes too, if in case of lower limb injury while other forms of exercises, running or cycling can be tormenting; aquatic exercises can help them maintain fitness until their recovery.

Recently the evidence for advantages of aquatic exercise for patients with fibromyalgia (FM), a patient group with longstanding aches and pains in most of their body has been observed. Study has shown that aquatic exercises are moderately effective to reduce pain and disability and increase health-related quality of life in patients with FM.

However it has disadvantages too. Aquatic exercise may require a coach, a clean pool, optimal water temperature in different seasons and other measure to avoid accidents (drowning). Despite of few disadvantages swimming and other forms of aquatic exercises can be recreational as well as good workout program. A swimming routine can help you balance out your heavy dietary intake along with leading you to live a healthy life.


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