Pursuit vs End Result – What’s more Important?

Until this day, I wondered what mattered the most: the end result of what we had been working towards or the means by which we get to our destination? As I started looking for an answer in the collection of user feedback we’ve received over time, I began to think that it very much depends on what you re seeking – and the person. 

Irrespective of our demographic, every one of us is in a constant pursuit of something. Some pursue Happiness, some pursue Money, some want to stand out among the crowd and be Cool, some pursue Popularity and some chase after Excellence.

Looking further into different types of pursuits practiced over time by notable legends, the most important and selfless one is the pursuit of Impact. As this pursuit requires maximum effort, most of the time, the pursuer doesn’t live long enough to see the impact as the results come in longer than they’d wish for. Look at all the great scientists, prophets and messengers, social and political leaders and workers – what they have pursued in their lives might have not brought immediate results, but the impact was so strong that it propelled thereafter and brought change. Since the pursuit of Impact is the highest form of pursuit, the other pursuits eventually become a by-product of it. For example, take into account the pursuit of Popularity or Excellence. People who pursued Impact and left a footprint behind, became legends (Popularity) and their effort led to remarkable change and improvement (Excellence).

Another way of looking at it – they were never concerned about the end results.  Instead, they were so determined, persistent and immersed within their action plans that they were able to maintain their focus more on the journey than the result.

Any angle you choose to look at it, the journey ends up mattering more than the outcome. Predicting results may never be 100% accurate but putting in 100% effort can become possible with extreme focus and strong conviction.

We live in a world where people are often judged by results. Sales departments are a typical example as their goal is to “bring in the numbers”. For organisations that seek only “result-driven” individuals to join their team is common, but it’s also common to brush aside how hard you work for a goal. Whether it is your college graduation, job promotion, fitness results, or adopting healthy habits, we tend to only acknowledge the end result of our goals, rather than the actual effort put into it.

Without paying attention to pursuit, we lose focus and guidance on how goals are achieved. Pursuit is essential, especially when we’re experiencing uncertainty or a momentary lapse of drive, and need to look to others who have embarked a similar path for inspiration. When we hear others share their personal experiences, it serves as a powerful motivational tool, and creates a positive and encouraging environment. Learning to relish in the journey, not the destination, can make a once far-fetched goal, become obtainable.

After working hard to bring better tools for a community of goal-setters, my team and I have gained a new approach as part of our mission at Linkagoal to make pursuit a priority over results.

Enabling people to share their Life Goals and connect their Life Events by creating Goals and Posts on Linkagoal’s new goal based social networking platform, is our prime pursuit. Since we are motivated by the power of goal setting and strongly believe that people live better when they set goals in their lives, our pursuit becomes more important than the end result.

By: Mohsin Shafique

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