How To Sleep Your Way TO Achieving Goals

Taking naps while working is a bad thing right? Well there are outliers who have good reasons to disagree. The cofounder and editor in chief of the Huffington Post is the one who declared that and not for a small cause, she completely speaks from experience. Due to overworking and lack of sleep Mrs. Arianna literally broke a cheekbone while she fell asleep at her desk back in 2007. This wake-up call allowed Mrs. Arianna to restore her priorities by understanding that being successful begins with the basics, for something as simple as going to sleep.

Let’s not underestimate this, Mrs. Arianna Huffington’s life changed completely and her passion led to her to write a new book,“The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time.”

An interview with Mrs. Arianna revealed that she listed sleep as top priority or else efficiency can be affected whether you realize itor not. She stated, “everything becomes transactional. You go through the motions — you go to your meetings, you get your to-do list. There’s no joy and there’s no real creativity.” Doing what you believe is something worth working for that’s why you will find napping pods which you can book at the office, so much for not taking your priorities and goals seriously.

No one is telling you to sleep uncontrollably. Maybe everyone doesn’t have time for a mid-day nap but don’t get her wrong, even a 20-minute power nap can re-energize your mind for the work waiting for you. “You must recline,” she said. And she leads by example. Her glass office makes her actions really noticeable and she is seen reclining in her chair, showing that she has to rest and recharge. She quips it’s the way to “sleep your way to the top.” Of course, you must have enough mental presence to know you have reached there.

Mrs. Arianna understands the science behind the importance of taking care of your brain. Sleep may often be frowned upon but that is simply because it is misunderstood. “Sleep is of the brain, and for the brain, and by the brain. For a while, we thought that sleep was a kind of inactivity; sleep is actually a kind of frenetic activity where all the toxins that accumulated during the day are flushed away.” Don’t work in hassle and dismay, sometimes restoring your priorities by letting your brain get a breather is the best thing you can do for yourself. Don’t go for all the unorthodox methods of staying awake, just get some rest before you get hurt. If it can change Mrs. Arianna’s life it can work for yours too & while you’re at it, don’t forget to get back to your bucket list!



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