Connecting Life Events with Mindfulness

What I love about the end of the year is that it’s a time of reflection and introspection. Around this time of the year, there is quite the urgency to end the year with a bang. We rush into the new year with our arms wide open and a sense of new year giddiness, but we should also take this time to really ask ourselves what we can take away from the experiences we had throughout the year and what understandings we can bring with us to the next. At Linkagoal, our future actions are essential to achieving our goals, but our past actions, whether they are considered wins or failures, are also necessary. They are learnings and what we learned in past can help us to understand what we can do different in future.

Here are three reflection tips that will help lead you into edging ahead:

Mindfulness: If this year passed by in the blink of an eye, then I recommend taking a moment to look back at how the year played out. Did you win a new client? Or did you drop a course? Were you able to keep up with your close friends and family? Did you have a right work/life balance? Whatever may have happened in the past year, now is the time to really become aware of the past events and truly understand what they meant or mean for you. Check out this great article from HBR on how mindfulness works.

Write it down: Jot down all the highs and lows of till date and record how you felt in those given moments. The highs are always exciting events in our lives, but how we handle some of the lows should be rewarded as well. This reminder can be an excellent source of motivation when there are times we feel just can’t do it.

Talk it out: As I previously mentioned, I like to do a fun activity with my boys where I have them think and talk about goals they would like to set for themselves. I recommend taking this approach not only with our children, but with friends and family. Meet a friend for coffee and discuss how you felt the year went. If anything, it’s a great bonding exercise and opens up discussions on how you and a friend can take the next year to the next level.

For me, as I look back, nothing could have been more exciting and gratifying than being the Founder and CEO of Linkagoal. Every day I am involved in almost every aspect of the business and at the same time, I’m in charge of our big picture goals. Building out a company is a rewarding process and I love seeing our ideas and goals being put into action. Being able to see beyond tomorrow’s success and sharing this experience with family, friends, employees and rest of the world is unexplainable. On other hand, Its people like you that make Linkagoal a fun environment for others to be a part of and because you’ve inspired us, we have been working hard on to make it more functional for you so that you can maximize your productivity.

Don’t wait for another year to pass, pledge your #NewDayResolution today!

By: Mohsin Shafique

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