Accomplish More in Small Packages: Daily Objectives are the Way to Goal

Your New Year’s Resolution probably floundered. That big goal of yours, lofty and vague, stood no chance. Usually not too much fun working on goals, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, the issue with reaching your goals isn’t you, it’s your goals. Large-scale goals, while great in their own right, are difficult to grapple and tend to fall to the wayside as we go about our busy, dynamic lives. Smaller, bite-sized goals, on the other hand, may be the key to success.

I argue that every life goal is bolstered by many daily goals. With a constant loop of setting and accomplishing goals, daily goals are the gift that keeps on giving. Take away the associated seriousness and formality and make it more fun you would always want to pursue.

By accomplishing one thing a day, you’ll soon adopt a habit of always wanting to achieve more on a regular basis.

Here are some tips for incorporating smaller, more actionable goals into your daily life:

  1. Start small with your goals. Before attempting to abstain from coffee for a week, first try it for one day.
  2. Set a goal you can easily accomplish before you wake up. Make it a goal, for just tomorrow, let’s say, to wake up without hitting the snooze button. Then you’ve already accomplished something within the first 5 minutes of your day.
  3. Start off by optimizing your morning and clearing your head. Give yourself time to sit down and make a list of things you want to accomplish by the end of the day.
  4. Make an effort to engage in “feel good” goals like connecting with friends and family members. Make it a daily goal to give your parents a call or write a note to an old friend just to say “Just thinking about you – how’ve you been?” These goals are two-sided because you’ll get a boost from reconnecting as well as accomplishing a goal.
  5. Get one wellness activity in. Walking the dog, going for a jog, or just doing yoga at home will make you feel inspired and energised to accomplish even more.
  6. Break a big goal into smaller ones. Incorporate steps that will help you accomplish the larger goal into your daily life. If your goal is to run a 5K race, start by running one mile a day without stopping. From there, you can determine how much you’d like to accomplish on a daily basis.

Stress comes when we see problems as threats and not as challenges. Challenging oneself is a sport highly underrated and equally beneficial. I believe that setting daily goals can snowball you into a pattern of productivity and success. Daily goals present a tangible challenge in a short time-span that will leave you feeling proud of your accomplishments and push you to set more goals. The act of setting these goals will no doubt help you be more organized and productive, as you highlight your daily aspirations and work within larger goals.

Linkagoal’s new goal based social network opens new doors for people to make goal setting a lifestyle. Lets begin!

By: Mohsin Shafique

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