5 Goals We Should Make By Following What We Learned From Olympic Athletes

In order to become masters of their respective sport, Olympians don’t just learn and focus on their sport but rather on their complete lifestyle. We have compiled a list of highly beneficial goals that any Tom, Dick and Harry can make and can get some great results to achieve #FitnessGoals.

1. Get The Right Kind Of Rest, Kassidy Cook:

Getting plenty of rest is fine and is definitely encouraged, but let’s ask the experts. We all know that quality outreaches quantity because oversleeping has its disadvantages. However, US Olympic diver Kassidy Cook suggests getting the right kind of rest.

Kassidy Cook

What You Can Do:

Resting may not necessarily mean sleeping. For example Kassidy takes a bath in ice water to relax her legs before diving. Maybe you could do something like read a book, play video games or even learn a new language. Consistency is always the key in allowing your activity to show affect.

2. Don’t Be All Serious All The Time, Simone Biles:

It’s is often good to take your work seriously because it can sometimes give you that kick of maturity you need to prioritize yourself towards your ultimate goal. Let’s take Simone Biles for that matter, she is often seen giggling before her grand performance implying how relaxed she is.

Simone Biles

What You Can Do:

Positive and strong people often speak and jester within himself or herself so maybe the next time you have an exam or an important day coming up you can maybe crack a joke to yourself. All in all, its good to have a non-serious attitude towards life at times.

3. Never Skip Breakfast, Misty May – Treanor:

If you never heard it from your elders you can hear it from the experts. Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. Whatever you do, wake up earlier or grab breakfast on the go but do not miss out on it. If there is one thing that Misty May – Treanor cares about in her diet it’s her breakfast and she doesn’t care how busy she is either.

Misty May

What You Can Do:

Think optimistically towards having breakfast because it is for your health and happiness. Maybe you can invest in buying your favorite cereal, learn new omelet and food recipes.

4. Prioritize Sleep, Usain Bolt:

What does it take to be the fastest man in the world? Training, eating your daily dose of veggies and staying motivated, but while all of this is true Usain Bolt said that sleep is the highest priority because at this time, the body is repairing itself.

What You Can Do:

Try not to use electronics at least 1-2 hours before sleeping, be responsible and try to go to bed early and definitely exercise during the day so that you actually feel tired and have a good nights rest. Usain Bolt is not running away from this so why should you?

5. Visualize Your Goals, Carli Lloyd:

Seeing is believing, so visualize yourself succeeding your goals. Did you know that Carli Lloyd visualized herself scoring four goals? In the 2015 football world cup and she ended up scoring three. Not a bad bargain?


What You Can Do:

This is not dreaming it is believing and trusting your own ability to achieve things. We don’t know our own potential. Develop your own mantra, make goals on linkagoal and continually make progress updates on them.

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