Linkagoal Broadens Goal-Setters’ Horizon

Next generation of Linkagoal is setting out to broaden goal-setters’ horizons. Now users can benchmark goal success and provide a regular pulse check on goals, ensuring more connectedness, further motivation, inspiration and support from others in personal or collective endeavors.

Linkagoal’s mission is to change the way we set goals by making them an everyday part of our lives. Since our community is a huge priority for us, we are constantly improving the experience to develop the ultimate user-friendly platform, both on desktop and mobile. In our latest release, we have added new abilities so that users can stay connected with others via messaging, as well as build and track goals and milestones through an interactive timeline.

Simply put, Linkagoal aims to:

  • Build a global goal-driven community that helps each other in every possible way
  • Provide real value of people’s time spent online using social networking services.

As we continue to build and enhance our platform, we want to focus on how this connectedness becomes more powerful for our users by being goal-driven. As we continue to grow, our mission is to be an inspiring and motivational environment where content focusing on future plans and actions can be crowdsourced.

With nearly 2 million users across 212 countries worldwide, Linkagoal is growing into a powerful community that is turning dreams into a reality. And with these new features, our community will continue to grow and transform, helping to bolster goal-achieving while making it a fun, enjoyable social experience.

There are even more great features to come. In the coming year, we plan to roll out a program for brands to create dedicated pages to promote and reach their goals. Not only will brands and companies be able to promote their own pages with Goal Campaigns, but based on having insight on users’ goals and interests, they can offer more to supporting users’ goals with complementary services and products.

Another project in the hopper includes Mentorship services. Experts and Mentors in health and fitness, career, money, and life-coaching can promote their services for users to choose and connect with based on desired support to further guide them in their personal pursuits.

As a growing platform committed to creating new crowdsourcing opportunities for goals, I’m extremely excited about what’s to come.

Let us guide you; where you can go, what you can do & who you can be.  Try the next-gen Linkagoal here

By: Mohsin Shafique

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