10 Obliviously Funny Moments

As individuals of the modern society, we are packed with tons of responsibilities, workload and chores. So much so that we find ourselves forgetting things which might be important to most of us. Well, who can blame us. We are busy! Busy in studies, work, socializing or even making  this world a better place. 

To add to it, we have compiled 10 images of randomly funny things which we normally forget or see around us in the funny part of the world. Literally, ALL THE TIME! 

  1. The Surprised Dog 
Image Source: 9GAG

*You remember my birthday? OMG Human! I feel special* 

2. The long lost kitten

Image Source: Imgur

*Did you forget me here? You did. Didn’t you?*

3. The Delusional Pigeon 

Image Source: Imgur

*What ya lookin’ at? I can fly bro!*

4. The Tennis Player 

Image Source: Memecenter

*Oh! I am sure you did.*

5. The Cute Hedgehog 

Image Source: Memecenter

*Oh. Look at you. You are so cute! *holds him, regrets the decision immediately*

6. The Messy Kid 

*Look dad! I forgot how to eat an ice cream!*

7. The Classic One

Image Source: Memecenter

*You go girl. Thank you for forgetting me. Your beloved friend*

8. Pizza? Pizza

Image Source: Memecenter

*Ohh. Burnnnn!!*

9. The Kitty 

Image Source: Memecenter

*Well, I forgot how to cat*

10. The Kind Neighbor


*Well, bro. That is gonna teach you a lesson*

Our tough groove makes us forget what matters the most, about time to Restore Priorities! So what did you forget to do? Or witnessed any of the funny oblivious moments? Share this post with whom you can relate

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