7 Types Of Celebrity Fathers You Can Relate To

We all know that Father’s Day is just around the corner and we all are very excited to spend that day with our beloved fathers or get them a thoughtful yet memorable gift. However, we are all aware of the mantra that there are different types of fathers that we see in our everyday lives. We have compiled a list of seven types of celebrity fathers which you can easily relate to!

Workaholic Dad

Work work work work. That’s their chant isn’t it? We would usually find them packed with a stash of files, coming late night from work and always glued in front of their laptops.

Oh yes, you definitely are.

If you have a workaholic father, then the ideal way to spend the Father’s Day would be a day at the spa. Set an appointment at the spa and get them a good massage in order to relax their muscles. You can also get them gifts like stress reliever pillow, neck pillow etc. Get them away from work!

Overprotective Dad

Where were you last night? You are grounded! We are sure most of us can relate to these words. Their over-protection goes to a whole new level each day.

Okay daddy. *sniffs*

There might not be an ideal gift to get for your overprotective father but how about arranging a get together where he gets to meet all of your friends? In this way he can regain trust on you, and cherry on the top he might let you have those sleepovers or would let you hang out with your friends without worrying too much.

Classical Dad

Wow. Is that a book you are reading? Do you want something? Let’s all go eat an ice cream! That one is a classical father, which as a matter of fact are rare.


How about taking your classical father to a book sale? Taking him to a Play or Opera? Something he would definitely love. Another way is to take him out to dinner to his favorite restaurant and order his favorite food. Beautiful right?

Tech Dad

His love for technology may sometimes surpass his love for you. These types of fathers are usually obsessed with technology and like to stay in the latest trend.

Yea! That’s the right way to control a robot!

For your tech father you can always buy a gadget that is new in the trend and would suit the best of his interests. On the other hand, you can take him to a tech exhibition or to robot wrestling; which he will truly love!

Sporty Dad

Sports is his absolute favorite hobby. He has made sure that you love sports too. He has not been just a father but a mentor for you.

Yes coach! *rolls eyes*

For your sporty father you can always get tickets to a baseball match, a basketball match or a football match depending on his likes and interests. It would be the best way to spend the day with him and possibly the best gift ever!

Foodie Dad

Food is one of the ultimate goals of his life. No matter what he is doing, he will always be munching on his favorite food.

Umm… No thanks.

Getting something for a father who loves to eat is very easy. You can take him to his favorite restaurant for dinner, order pizza at home because who does not love Pizza? Or you can always get him food!

Best Friend Dad

If you father supports you in all your decisions even if they are stupid, cares for you a little too much and is always there on your back then you have a best friend.


For someone, who is more like a friend then a father you can do something ordinary yet beautiful. Take your father out for a movie or a walk on the beach. You can always ask him where he used to hangout as a teenager and then take him there. He will love spending time with you!

We all want to spend Father’s Day in the best possible way we can. How about linking this very purpose with a goal? Making goals to celebrate father’s day and also make it special for them. Create your goals for Father’s Day on LinkaGoal!

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