Elon Musk Proves Why You Should Boldly Share Your Goals

Goals are great. They are like light rays on a dark path, creating clarity on landmarks in your journey. And goal setting, believe me, is an art. Wonder what you stand to gain by sharing? Here are some points from Elon Musk, that proves why you should boldly share your goals;

It ensures your focus

When you share your goals you’re literally feeding your accountability muscle. If you’re telling to a friend: “you know what, I will build a robot”, you can bet that the next time you see each other, he’ll ask: “hey, buddy, how’s your robot building process going?” Accountability is a measure of your determination. You have the mindset that since someone knows about it already, it would be a shame not to achieve it. That drives you to achievable success. So, if you bring other people in your goal picture, you can bet that your overall involvement in that project will be considerably higher. Don’t wait for your Oscar. Don’t wait to be praised, anointed, or validated. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to lead. Don’t wait for someone to invite you to share your voice. Just boldly share!

It gives Clarity to your goals

Every time you tell the world about some of your goals, you modify them. You pick positives from your discussions while sharing your goals. You add and make subtractions from your previous plan and thus, your goal will surface in a new form. Customarily, this form will be a much brilliant and better one.

In fact, many of our goals are better shaped by our idea discussions and exchange. So, the more we share our visions and implement our plans, the more those visions and plans are getting clearer, bigger and more structured.

It quantifies your Progress level!

This is a decent estimation to have as it will move you to get moving and begin to make strides towards your goal. Additionally as you get nearer to the due date, you can gage how well you are getting along. What’s more, sharing your goals will gain progress estimation simpler.

It provides adequate Motivation

Suppose you want to badge that doctorate degree before the age of twenty-one, and you start telling people about your goal. At some point, something interesting will happen. The mere fact that you tell to somebody else, will act like an incentive. It’s not about accountability, but about being pumped up and ready to act. You are ready to do all it takes to have that degree at that age.

It appropriately Connects you

You never can tell who is in that circle of people you are sharing your goals with. You may not know how well being connected to that person might bring you to the peak of success. Now, how will the person get to know your goals if you don’t share them. Sharing your goals with like minded people may help you grow your social circle. Goals aside, the mere fact that you take the time to share something, to give details, to bring updates and keep in touch with other people, all these tiny actions will create a connection.

And connection, as opposed to competition, is always a better way to advance. And if not better, at least not as tiresome as fighting each and every day for the first place.

But, as important as it may be, sharing goals can go just as far in helping you reaching them. In other words, there is a limit over which you shouldn’t trespass.

So, if you found something important, really important, something that will define your entire life, some incredibly rewarding goal,
Clear a path by walking it, boldly.

A key to having a coordinated goal is having an integrated life. You should boldly and authentically share your goals with each person you are genuinely connected to. Make your goals visible; make them public, verifiable and open. This makes them viable. Thus, the most germane factor that supersedes all here is to set a goal. Discover what your goal is. Making a plan to share your goals so as to make them achievable is impossible if you don’t have any goals after all. Be clear about what your dreams and desires are. You create a game plan to achieve your goals–including a mission statement, a step-by-step strategy, and a timeline. Once that is done, trust yourself, believe in the credibility of your goal, and go right ahead to share them!

Create goals!

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