Approaching Goals by the Day Beats Out Long Term Ones, New Research Reveals

Let’s face it. Your new year’s resolution probably had a lifespan much shorter than a year. With a quarter of 2016 already passed, new findings from Linkagoal reveals that to ease your guilt about your forgotten goals, you must go at it with a different approach. Instead of long term goals, the recipe for success is twofold: setting daily, snack sized goals and sharing them with online networks can provide inspiration and motivation.

The latest research determined a few key ingredients for transforming goals into accomplishments. Launched in partnership with YouGov and surveying 1,164 U.S. based respondents, three times as many people feel more empowered tackling several small goals versus taking on a longer term goal. Online networks were also found to be a great source of motivation, with nearly half of those surveyed (48%) feeling more inspired to attempt new goals based on seeing others in their network achieve goals.

Social media is for more than tweeting at your favorite celebrity and sharing cat videos. Social media users – 62% – feel more inclined to stay on track with their goals knowing others can see their progress online. Millennials specifically – 65% – say they feel the most pressure to stick to their goals when visible to others on social media.

Similarly, we see how feedback on social media can promote social gratification. “Likes” and positive responses on shared goals would motivate 59% to achieve goals, with social positive reinforcement being more impactful among women (64%) than men (54%).

When it comes to sharing goals online, 51% of people agreed they would feel more obligated to follow through on their ambitions. Seeing progress via accountability, Millennials (56%) said they felt the most obligated to nurture their goals as opposed to Baby Boomers (48%) and Gen X’ers (46%).

Goals are surely not exempt from the power of rivalry. In fact, 53% of those surveyed agreed that competition among other goal-setters would be a great motivator, with women (52%) having a larger appetite for competition than men (48%) when sharing progress online.

A goal a day…

Reassessing how we approach our goals can do a great deal to increase the probability of them becoming accomplishments. Our research shows that goals are better off tackled in snack-sized bites versus year long endeavors!

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