How to Overcome your Fear of Achieving Goals

Making goals is not rocket science. It can be as simple as being broken down into 10 steps process. Take a look at the following steps:

  1. Visualize the hurdles – then knock them down

Think about what’s holding you back from reaching your goals, as if they were hurdles on a track. The visual will help you realize what exactly it is that’s frightening you from even attempting to achieve your goal. Then like the worst track star in the world, knock them down one by one!


  1. Concentrate efforts on one thing at a time

Look at what’s not working in your life, and choose one big or small goal to work on little-by-little. You may not achieve everything all at once, but by giving yourself somewhere to start, you’re on your way to getting there.


  1. Look fear in the eye

Whether it’s taking a dance course to shed pounds or public speaking frights, break down your fears into small steps. With each step, you will begin to face, embrace and eventually, erase the fear of failing, leading you towards the path of your longer-term goal.


  1. Write it down, and then burn it

Be accountable to yourself first, before others. We all tend to be too abstract about our fears, and are unaware of what is ultimately holding us back from reaching our goals. When you write down your fear – the very thing that scares you the most – it becomes more approachable and tangible. By then setting it on fire, safely of course, and watching it burn, you are owning the fear and destroying its hold on you.


  1. Realize you’re not alone

There are thousands of people pursuing similar goals, so call out your fears with others. Positive feedback from family and friends can increase the chances for success, and who knows, you might even make a new friend.


  1. Dust yourself off and try again

If you do fail, don’t let paralysis prevent you from revisiting past goals. Even the Beatles were rejected the first time they auditioned for a record deal! If it’s worth achieving, then it will require effort on a daily basis, so persistence is key. Despite many of us failing at our goals the first time around, knocking on the same door will be important to long-term success.


  1. Look for role models in the things you already love

Do you love animation? Walt certainly didn’t build his Disney empire in just one day. From Ariana Huffington to Steven Spielberg, or even taking cues from your friends and family, hearing or reading about how other’s got through their own personal failures can inspire you to tackle your own fears head on.


  1. It’s never too late

Telling yourself that it’s too late to achieve a goal, or giving in to the fear of failure, is like abandoning yourself on a desert island, after steering yourself there on purpose. Don’t let the fear overpower you. It’s never too late to face your fears, and inch closer to your goals and dreams.


  1. Invite fear and failure in

When you do fail, and you will because we all do, it’s only human. It has and always will be OK to fail, and be afraid of what might come next. Welcome it with open arms, instead of letting it overcome your life. Know that it’s also OK to change your mind, and pursue something else. Rally yourself together and pivot. Who knows? You might even find something you love more.


  1. Immerse yourself in what you love

If you’re trying hard not to fail, and getting nowhere out of fear and frustration, try doing something you love first. By immersing yourself in your passions, you’ll open up your mind to more opportunities for success. Remember: Be kind to yourself because overcoming your fears will only help to make you stronger.

Making goals is what drives us to do better in our lives. If we set goals; it is relatively easy for us to achieve them. Furthermore, we are always learning, even if we fail nothing goes in waste. It can all be acquired again.


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