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#BuddyGoals is the new hype on Linkagoal, encouraging users to sit back and think on all the goals they have been wanting to accomplish with their friends. A bit clichéd but true to the core that the experiences we undergo through our friend’s circle cannot be compared to other relationships we have. And having them as their partner in a team that is striving for a particular life goal makes the goal journey all the more interesting. Not only you have a big support to accomplish your goal but your friends lighten up the hardships and brighten up the achievements.

Let’s have a sneak peek into what plans Linkagoal users are making with their friends.

1)      Coming from the ‘born-to-be-wild’ groupies who want to experience the thrill.

Buddy goals linkagoal

2)      The owls who want to party, eat and gossip till they see the first sun ray- that’s when their actual night starts.

Buddy goals linkagoal

3)      Study mates- oh they are really essential, for if they were not there, you would not have worn the graduation cap.

Buddy goals linkagoal

4)      ‘Be a sport’ fit these pals well, always and forever ready to accompany you, be it playing your favorite sport or watching it.

Buddy goals linkagoal

5)      Traveling becomes fun when you have friends who know about new places to see, new restaurants to try, new cultures to experience.

Buddy goals linkagoal

6)      The tech savvy friend who is all the time available online, be it twitter, facebook, whatsapp or the new Periscope.

Buddy goals linkagoal

7)      We all have that one friend who gives you the best piece of advice about sales and what’s new in the market.

buddy goals linkagoal

8)      Planners in a group are always full of ideas to make a friend’s day special and colorful.

Buddy goals linkagoal

9)      Seeing your long gone mates is always a delight- so much has changed and so much to catch up with.

Buddy goals linkagoal

10)   The emotional moment of getting all geared up for a friend getting married and doing as much as you can for them.

Buddy goals linkagoal

Goals with friends do not have to be necessarily serious ones, because friends are there to make your life fun. Whatever crazy and exciting plans you have to accomplish with your friends, pen them down online, yes online. Linkagoal, the goal based social network is the best digital platform to share the goals you want to achieve and help each other about how to go on achieving them. Your friends are waiting to hear your #buddygoals!

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