Linkagoal Highlights: #Behappy Goals to Make You Happy!

One of the prerequisites to healthy living is finding the one thing that makes you happy. Being happy means being alive, feeling the gush of blood, the happy symphony of your heart, the voice of your inner peace and laughter, the hope that more good is yet to come.

Happiness is not only confined to materialistic accomplishments but is felt in some profound moments that appear ordinary but carry extraordinary meanings for people. It’s a subjective experience hence it takes different shapes for different individuals. Depending on the meanings happiness carry for them, people set their happiness goals.

Let’s explore what things make the users of Linkagoal happy and let’s crowd source new happiness ideas that we may overlook at times.

1)      Dare-devil seeking happiness in the big CHALLENGE!

Happiness is Challenge Goals
Happiness is Challenge

2)      Food-lover feeling happy while raveling in the favorite aromas and flavors.

Happiness is Food goals
Happiness is Food

3)      Tech-savvy grinning with the latest gadget in hands!

Happiness is a New Gadget goals
Happiness is a New Gadget

4)      Animal lover going all hyper at the sight of his favorite pet.

Happiness is Pets goals
Happiness is Pets

5)      The sportsman experiencing the thrill on field!

Happiness is Sports goals
Happiness is Sports

6)      ‘Music is the soul’s appetite,’ remarks the music-lover with glee on his face.

Happiness is Music goals
Happiness is Music

7)      The family man pursues happiness with his loved ones.

Happiness is Family Goals
Happiness is Family

8)      The home maker feeling enthusiastic about new changes in her happy place.

Happiness is Home Sweet Home
Happiness is Home Sweet Home


9)      People’s person being happy in giving a hand to others.

Happiness is Others
Happiness is Others

10)   The ‘me’ time to explore one self and seek the meaning of life.

Happiness is Self goals
Happiness is Self


Happiness is not an end, it’s a journey, a means to an end called ‘peace.’ One can discover this journey by exploring what is it they like and what is it that spreads smile on their face. And once discovered why not set happiness goals regularly on Linkagoal, the goal based social network. You may find companions on the same journey of happiness! So #behappy and start with your happy goals from now!

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