Friends and Life Goals Go Hand in Hand!

‘Friends are helpful not only because they will listen to us or because they will laugh at us, through them we learn a little objectivity, a little modesty, a little courtesy. We learn the rules of life and become better players of the game’ – Will Duran

To most of us it will seem to be a nice pretty inspiring quote, but for people who have a friend like this will know its importance. Years back came the darkest days of my life, setback by failures I had no place to go, if it were not for my friends I would have never stood up against those times and stand and reach where I am today. Confident, motivated and most importantly, satisfied and elated. That was the moment I realized that we are not 100% individuals, we need support, we deserve it.

An experiment was conducted where people were made to watch a steep hill, alone and with a friend. The people who watched the hill with a friend found it less steep than those who saw it alone. This proves a friend, a helping hand and the person you trust changed your vision of life, showed you new horizons of life and made you strong willed and adamant to reach them.

But what is the magic of friendship all about. Is it a person with super natural powers sent down to you? Certainly not! It’s about the time you have spent with that person. They can highlight your qualities and criticize you in a way that does not hurt. They know you well, and you trust them with their choices.

This all is not just philosophical ideology, but also has some practical implications. They are some buddy groups made where people with similar interest and issues interact with each other. A good and interesting example was of a group who wanted to lose weight. Together they use to have brunch and make an effort to achieve their goal, and they did achieve it too. This all because of the support of people with similar issue, making them believe that they are not alone in this.

The kind of support we harness from a person called ‘friend’ helps us gather the resources and effort required to accomplish our life goals. Having similar goals let you crowd source ideas from your fellows about how to start your journey. There is a feeling of ‘togetherness’ that fulfills the prophecy of ‘man being a social animal.’ Even if we stumble or face a road block on our way, we know we have people around who are there to pick us up. Plus setting deadlines together bring about healthy competition and accountability that are essential components of goal journey.

In fact, friends understand you inside out. Hence assessing your strengths and weaknesses, they give ideas for life goals you’d like to achieve at a point when you are feeling too aimless or perhaps you are disappointed in something. They will come to you hugging and tell you,

‘Stand up! Look outside..You gotta do this and we’ll do this together!’

So it’s about time that we think of sharing our thoughts and problems with our buddies to help lessen our burden and find a partner to make our journey beautiful. Plan your buddy goals and post in on Linkagoal, the goal based social network. The more the merrier!

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