Linkagoal Highlights: Get Inspired with Life Goals

Often times, you get an initial boost of motivation and feel overall optimistic when you think about the goals you want to achieve in life.

So what defines a life goal? A life goal is a long term goal and can sometimes land in our “bucket list.” By writing them down and keeping track of them, with the help of accountability and community, we can accomplish them sooner, rather than later. When sharing our life goals with others, we can follow what we set for ourselves, and have a constant reminder of where we are ultimately heading.

Check out some life goals people have made on Linkagoal to inspire you to get started on making your own:

1)      “Your life is a canvas. Paint it.”

Learn to paint goal

2)      A diet plan…for your fury friend

Diet Plan Goal

3)      Debt free is the way to be

Debt free goals

4)      Dean Martin would sing, “Walking in a winter wonderland” to this one

Festival goals

5)      A little poetry can do no harm

Poetry goals

 6)      Increase your Green IQ

green goals

7)      Be an innovator

innovation goals

8)      Drop the screen and go outside once in a while

No TV goals

9)      Declutter your closet while giving back

donation goals

10)   Learn the design and structure of your favorite buildings

study goals

11)   Upgrade to the latest and greatest gadgets

Samsung note edge goal

12)   Make your voice a star

Radio goals


More Goals 

Have a list of your goals and need to maintain it? Great! Tap into an entire community of like- minded people to help you stay accountable. Start your goal journey today by signing up here!

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