Linkagoal Highlights: Travel Goals to Satisfy your Wanderlust

Summer, the ultimate time for vacation and travel, is here and I bet many of you have started making travel plans or perhaps, embarked on a journey already. If you’re still figuring out your summer plans, check out some interesting travel goals already shared on Linkagoal that may inspire your own.

1)      Create a travel board by collecting pictures of your favorite travel spots and fun activities you’d like to experience. Guess what? Your travel research might lead you to discover even more amazing places.

create a dreamboard travel goals

2)      One travel essential, out of many, is having the income that supports traveling. Start by putting aside money to a “vacation” fund to build up to more trips. You’ll realize your travel board wasn’t just a dream after all.

saving up my money to do some traveling, travel goals

3)      Of course, we want our favorite moments at our favorite places to be captured, and there is no better option than a Polaroid camera to capture our travel experiences instantly.

buy a polaroid camera, travel goals

4)      For travelers with a business mind, setting up a coffee stop for tourists from across the globe can be a rewarding venture leading to cross cultural interactions that you may have never experienced when traveling.

travel o coffee hangout travel goals

5)      Trying new foods and restaurants is one the best parts of traveling. Check out cuisines when abroad to truly emerge in a culture and explore new tastes and spices, and experience life as a local.

try 5 new restaurants travel goals

6)      Keeping an eye on different festivals, perhaps a shopping festival, food festival or any cultural festivals, is one specific motive of frequent travelers. The colorful festivals bring vibrancy and energy to your trip and are a great way to explore a city’s inner workings.

Go to dubai food festival UAE, travel goals


7)      Traveling can be fun with new quirky spots to discover like putting locks on a Parisian bridge or sticking chewing gum on the Theater Gum Wall in Seattle.

Gum wall in seattle, travel goals

8)      Apart from the usual sight-seeing of common tourist attractions, some travelers may wish to see other sides to a new city like the PARANORMAL.

Haunted places on earth travel goals

9)      The lovers of natural phenomenon and science may want to wander in spots that are specifically known by majestic processes, such as the geysers in Iceland, spotted lake in Canada, fields of web in Australia, black sun in Denmark and many more.

view aurora borealis in greenland


10)   Traveling is not restricted to moving across borders. In fact, it can be as easy as attending a local concert or show to blow off some steam and take a break from the dull-drums of a usual day.

see a show at radio city music hall

By now, we hope these Linkagoalers have inspired you with several #travel ideas to pick on. Sit back for a moment, think which one appeals to you the most, and make your Travel Goals real by writing them down on Linkagoal.

‘Make memories all over the world!’

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