LinkaGoal Highlights: It’s Never too Late to Set a Goal

Sometimes we need a little push from our friends, family or other support networks to dive in and start paving our way to reaching our goals. With the support of others, we can bring positive changes into our lives, whether our aspirations are to continue our education, donate to those in need, or simply to see more of the world and make travel plans. We must also overcome the obstacles we create for ourselves, and that starts by believing, regardless of our age or other odds we become discouraged by, that it is never too late to pursue a goal or dream.

Here’s a glimpse at 10 motivated Linkagoalers who are taking action to see their dreams come true.

1) The Philanthropist: Marcia Bridges has a dairy farm and one of her is to help those in need by donating milk and bread. As we see with Marcia’s goal, there is no right or wrong time to begin with a noble cause.

1st goal

2) The Scholar: Here we see a determined and ambitious parent ready to fulfill her thirst of knowledge, no matter her circumstances. Jan Taylor’s perseverance is an example for everyone who has some hesitation about education, whether it’s about returning to school to complete a degree or continuing higher education to further progress a career.

2nd goal

3) A buddy for life: At times, certain events in our lives can make us feel distrustful of others and hard to open and reconnect with people again. Individuals like Madiha Jahangir, who bears a positive outlook towards life, is looking at the bright side of life.

3rd goal

4) The Ambitious Chap: Why stop when you can do more? Hazel Floyd’s #itsnevertoolate goal is an inspiration for all of those wanting to move ahead in a career. If she can take the leap, so can you.

4th goal

5)  The Adventurer : Rock climbing or maybe paragliding? It can be hard decide, but like Adam Lockert, we have all wished to experience some thrill in our lives. Get over your fears and take the plunge, because you only live once.

5th goal

6) The Family Man: We often get too busy to spend time with our loved ones. However, dreams of family dinner chats are not hard to reach. Be it through playing video games with your dad, just like Robert Ramsey wrote in his goal, or by baking cookies with your mom, it’s never too late to start now.

6th goal

7) The Traveler – Laurie Brock, like many others, has a heart of a traveler. She’s marked her next destination on her travel board, and this time she wants to lvisit Mount Kilimanjaro. Like Laurie, don’t hold back on your travel dreams. The world is here for you to roam around.

7th goal

8) The Learner: Sometimes we don’t realize how strong we are until we have accomplished what we have been desiring. “I wish I could fly a plane or play a piano.” These are the often-heard yearnings of individuals wanting to learn new skills in life. Linkagoal user and team member Khumar is one of them. She is ready to unleash her inhibitions and discover what’s possible out there by learning to ride a scooter. Now, it’s your turn!

8th goal

9) The Thinker- Experience, Experience and Experience. We have them to teach and equip us for future endeavors. For Abel Blair, learning from past failures and making more rational decisions is what he hopes to take away from his life experiences

9th goal

10) The All-Rounder : Last but not the least, Tyler Harrington is a motivated Linkagoal user and teaches us to push ourselves to be better, especially when there are times we get discouraged and confused. Tyler shows us it’s never too late to explore yourself and learn what you are truly passionionate about. You have only one life and one chance to make it happen.

Its never too late to set your goals

If you’re feeling inspired by these LinkaGoal users, join them and set your own #Itsnevertoolate goal.

The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making them come true. – James Allen, British Philosopher

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