5 Celebrities who Started their Careers Late

Was there ever a time when you finally had the inspiration to try something new and big but didn’t pursue it because you thought your dreaming days were over? We’ve all at one point in our lives have either delayed chasing our goals or put off the idea completely, but that notion doesn’t ring true for those that didn’t hold back and have become successful in their respectful fields. They’ve showed us that it’s never too late to act upon our dreams. Whether it’s returning to school to get that art degree, backpacking through Europe, or launching a new business, break the “it’s too late” mentality and see that your goals can be realized.

Here are five successful and well-known people from fashion to film who are great examples that it’s never too late to pursue a life dream.

1-Giorgio Armani: From medical assistant to the founder of a world-renowned fashion powerhouse, Giorgio Armani pursued his love for textiles by launching his own store at the age of 39, and is today worth $7.8 billion. Through a bumpy ride in sales and an assistant ship at different fabric shops, Armani paved his way to successfully launching fashion brand known for clean and tailored menswear and credited today for pioneering red-carpet fashion.

armani goals

2- J.K. Rowling: The name needs no introduction. Popular among kids and revered by young and old, the author of favorite fiction series, ”Harry Potter,” penned down the story of a wizard at the age of 32. Rather than losing hope during a period in her life where she lost important people and received rejections from several publishers about her writing, she didn’t give up. Her flair for writing has culminated into $15 billion business, along with an internationally known and financially successful movie franchise.

Rowling goals

3-“Colonel Sanders”: The finger-licking Kentucky Fried Chicken you often crave for has an interesting history. The chef, Harland Sanders, was 62 when he started selling his fried chicken from his roadside cabin in Corbin, Kentucky. The recipe was well received, ultimately starting off a fast food chain, and making Sanders a millionaire by the age of 69, an age where most people retire.

sanders goals

4-Mary Kay Ash- The creator of the known beauty product line, Mary Kay Cosmetics, established her dream company at the age of 45 after saying goodbye to her job selling books. Starting off with an investment of $5,000, she became an inspirational entrepreneur in the years that followed, setting an example for women and empowering them to realize their passion. A prime example of #itsnevertoolate!

ash goals

5-Harrison Ford- Popular for his roles in mega blockbuster movies such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford began his career initially working as a carpenter at the director, George Lucas’ home, which paved the way and established him as a superstar when he was in his 30’s. Beginning with minor roles and taking up a totally different skill to support his family financially , Ford never gave up his dream of acting and got his first big break thanks to his trade.

ford goals

If they can do it, so can you. Start penning down the goals you have always wanted to
achieve and share them on Its never too late!

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