4 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone You Love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about celebrating a romantic relationship. You can spread the love to anyone who touches your heart and puts a smile on your face. Here are some easy, creative (and cheap!) Do-It-Yourself gift ideas that you can give to people you love or appreciate.

1) Serve heart-shaped foods

Hearts are synonymous with love and Valentine’s Day, so when you serve pancakes, sandwiches, cookies or  even fruit, prepare them in the shape of a heart. You can pick up a heart-shaped cookie cutter anyway and if you have the craftsmanship, you can even carve out the shape yourself.

2) Count the ways you love them

What better way to tell someone you love them by actually listing out reasons why? All you need is a stack of playing cards, glue, paper and 52 reasons why you love your Valentine. Here is a step-by-step guide in doing so.

3) Leave love notes in a jar

With a mix of candies and love notes, every time your Valentine reaches their hand into the jar, there will always be a nice treat. Grab a jar with a lid, some candies, and several notes that can contain their favorite song lyrics, poems or just your words that address your love for them.

4) Give a bouquet of flowers and sweets

Instead of shelling out for a a bouquet of flowers that won’t last for more than a week, use beautiful artificial ones that will last forever and arrange them in a small pot with an assortment of cake pops to surprise your Valentine with.

Celebrate your Valentine with your loved ones and make them happy! 🙂

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