Finding Goal-Actualization

When setting a goal, you should also set actionable steps to achieve it, especially if it’s a goal that requires changing or adopting a habit.

One approach is using the “If-Then” concept to make our goals into actionable ones. The following are some great examples by Everyday Success on how to create “if-then” statements for goals related to bad habits that we need to change:

If I am driving, then my phone is put away.

If a stranger approaches me, then I walk away.

It’s also a terrific planning tool for the ordinary but necessary parts of one’s day.

If I am doing my homework, then I don’t check for texts or messages.

If I feel irritated by a coworker, then I will take a break and a speed-walk to get the irritation out of me.


Some goals require multiple actionable steps which would ultimately generate multiple “if-then” statements. For example, if someone’s goal is to “Lose 15 pounds by my wedding day,” then one of the actionable steps may be “Go to the gym more frequently throughout the week” and  an “If…then” statement for that actionable step may be “If it’s Monday morning, then I’m going to the gym.” These “if…then” statements either change a habit or create a new one.  Begin thinking about the goals that you have already set and the “If-then” statements that you can create to help make them actionable

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