Setting Realistic Weight loss Goals

Struggling with weight loss is a common issue. Before you set out to lose weight, there are thing that you should take into consideration. You should not only set goals but set realistic weight loss goals. Your goals should include exercise, diet and weight loss goals. How many times have you said to yourself that you will exercise every day until you get into shape? Or set a goal to lose some weight in a specific period of time? But these are not realistic weight loss goals. Achieving weight loss goals requires dedication and self-discipline. Most people set unrealistic weight loss goals which they can’t achieve within the time they stipulated. This only leaves them heartbroken and disappointed.

That is why it is necessary to learn how to set weight loss goals that are attainable. So that you can avoid unnecessary disappointments. Here are some steps to follow, to ensure your weight loss goals are realistic.

The first step is to start by setting small daily aims. Set goals that will keep you motivated. Instead of planning to walk for 4 miles every day, you should plan a 30 minutes walk. This is realistic because you can split the walk into two; do a 15 minutes walk in the morning and evening.

Let your in-between goals be more ambitious than the main goals. This means that after some time like maybe three weeks, you can increase the time for your walks. Instead of 30 minutes a day you should increase it to one hour every day or ride your bicycle for 30 minutes. For those who can’t ride a bicycle you can go for a 20 minutes jog. An average daily intake of 1600 calories per week. Don’t set a goal such as “my maximum intake per day will be 1000 calories”, this is being completely unrealistic.

Determine the main goal. Set the total amount of pounds you would like to lose at the end of it all. The main goal should entail how you plan to maintain your great shape. You should also learn how to ensure your diet is nutritious. Engaging in activities that will increase your self-esteem should also be part of your plan.

Work within a specified time frame. One thing that should always be in your mind as you’re setting your realistic weight loss goals, is that they should be within a specific time frame. For both your intermediate and main goals, there should be a time span in which you plan to achieve them. With a time frame set, you won’t be a procrastinator.

Patience pays. You should understand it’s not possible to magically loss weight. So don’t expect to lose 20 pounds in a weeks’ time. Or starting to look at yourself in the mirror after two weeks and expecting yourself to look like a supermodel. It takes time and a lot of regular exercise to lose a reasonable amount pounds. You will get there, but with time.

However, come up with something more realistic to you. We are all not the same, there are those who can undergo vigorous exercise, while there are others who are not physically capable. Set goals which will help you in getting fit! 

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