7 Ways Aspiring Singers Could Make Their Dreams Come True

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Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals – LL Cool J

Dreams Come True – I dream to become a world-renowned singer one day (it says on my bio below), and I feel like I have a responsibility to all aspiring singers out there, to help them realize their own dreams, too. If you are one of them, trust me, though I am currently not a professional vocal coach or talent manager or label executive, I believe I have some ideas to make you come out of your shell and showcase your awesome talent for the world to hear. It would be just an easy-as-pie set-up—I as the teacher, and you as the student.

I was an utterly shy person before, and I never had the courage to grab the microphone and sing my heart out until a couple of years ago. It felt really great to be able to do what I have always loved to do, and I would also like you to experience the same feeling. Your passion for music and singing deserves to be heard. If you know you got the pipes and the musicality average, tone-deaf people do not have, you better get off of that couch and start weaving your way to the top!

Following down there are seven helpful tips that could hopefully enlighten you about your future. If you really want to do this, to become a singer admired by many (and with tons of Twitter followers and gazillions of YoutTube subscribers and millions of Facebook likers), just sit back and read on. You are in good hands.

  1. Set your goals. Again, set your goals. What do you really want to be?  Do you really want to become a singer?  What kind of singer then?  A Rock icon?  A Country sensation? An R&B prodigy?  An Indie prince or princess?  Do you want to be the next biggest Pop star in the whole wide world?  Be specific about your aims and desires. You need to decide, first and foremost, about which path you want to take and everything else follows. This way, it would be a lot easier for you to work on your chosen career. As a result, it is safest to say that you are headed to somewhere huge and really, really promising.
  1. Just never stop singing. One of the best secrets in improving one’s vocal abilities is to sing whenever there is a chance to do such thing. Constant practice is what makes a singer great. You may choose to sing your favorite songs in a Capella. You can also browse the Internet for instrumentals that could go along with you as you sing your butt off. In addition, you can also throw some random riffs and falsettos in order to further perk up these aspects of singing. Do not, however, forget to do vocal warm-ups before anything else. Yeah. You can do all these at home.
  1. Listen to all sorts of music. Do not limit yourself to just one type of music. You need to broaden your knowledge about your chosen lane. Listen to Hip-hop, Rap, Pop, Country, Heavy Metal Rock, etc. By doing this, you can pick-up vocal styles and techniques that may benefit you in the long run. It can also help you discover that specific genre where you can truly flourish, which is great in developing your own image as a singer.This leads you into unraveling the real you as an artist.
  1. Make use of your home. You already have set your goals that are all related to your singing career, but also make sure that one of those goals is to never fail to take advantage of your home. Okay, the mirror. Sing in front of the most massive mirror you have in your house and practice your emotions and facial expressions. Make sure that you do not look awkward at all, but if awkward is your game, then so be it. Just do not look stupid. And, oh, you will need your comb to stand in the position of the microphone. When do you put it so close to your mouth, and when do you move it away?  You can also make a coliseum stage out of your living room. Of course, if you want to experience the feel of recording inside the studio, voila!  The bathroom is definitely a perfect place to have a mock-up of such thing. All of these sound so silly, but I am not kidding.
  1. Get some professional help. At the end of the day, you will still need the help of a vocal coach. He/she knows what sort of range is ideal for you so you would not ruin your vocal cords. You will also be taught about the proper way of singing, and also about how not to strain so much when singing. He/she could give you some precious pointers on how to become a lot better than you already are. The stricter the vocal coach, the better. Just saying.
  1. Start writing your own songs. Sometimes, it can be quite hard to find songs that suit your voice for the reason that you are a unique artist. There is no better way to get through such kind of tough time than creating your own songs. It would be a lot better if you know how to play the guitar or the piano, but it would be not bad at all if you really cannot (but make sure that you get to learn at least one later on). Pour out your feelings by writing some stunning lyrics, put melodies to them, and just sing it the way you want it. Are we all good right here?
  1. Ignore the haters because they are always going to hate, hate, hate no matter how great you are. Taylor Swift got it super right. Do not live your life in fear that someone might throw a half-full mineral water bottle at you while you are performing on stage. If others do not like you, always remember that there is this other side where your supporters are all present and they are cheering for you through the good and the bad. You have already set your goals, and there is no perceivable way anyone could hinder you from achieving your dreams. Hell, yeah!

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Dreams do come true!

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