5 Steps Guide to Shop Online

On daily basis we get to see many people creating goals, some create goals for their personal grooming and others to grow professionally. We get to see how people interact and help one another achieve goals, and connect with similar goals.

Recently a goal was made on our site and it contained some real interesting steps, and we thought of sharing it with you:

This goal was created by one of our Goal Makers, ‘Alisha Mcguier‘ and here are her 5 simple steps/recommendations to how to make online purchases.

These are some really helpful tips, especially for those who time to time enjoy shopping online. Visit the goal, link with it or contribute if you have more information to share with the goal owner.

5 Steps to how to Shop Online

Linkagoal is a new social media platform where its users can create goal, contribute on others goals and flaunt about their achieved goals. The idea is to inspire people on global level to connect and accomplish their goals together.

Best way of writing a goal down on Linkagoal is by writing a realistic and specific goal then adding a complete description, setting timelines and then adding steps that the user will take to achieve that goal, following this process will not only help the goal owner but also the goal linkers.

Above image mentioned all the guidance about online shopping. Create your shopping goal now

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