How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

As a young professional, I believe that this phase in our lives is one of the most important when it comes to financial Goals planning. Unfortunately, individuals like me, who are not educated on financial Goals topics and the likewise, tend to overlook this fact until the time comes that we’re already financially burdened in the future.

Many experts, professionals, published articles and books aim to teach young adults on how to manage their expenses and make the most out of their incomes for saving up early so that they can make up Financial Goals . However, as much as we want to save, we couldn’t simply do it due to the fact that the salaries for entry levels are just enough to go by with your daily needs.

With that, I want to share with you a few tips on how to save effectively to achieve your financial goals .

Financial GoalsSave 1/3 from Income

For me, one-third of my whole monthly salary is already a big amount that could be difficult to save. Aside from the transportation and food expenses, I thought I couldn’t live without getting pampered by good food and going to the mall during the weekends, which take up a whole lot from my income.

For months, I’ve actually practiced this habit of saving a third of my income and I’m more than glad that I did it. I’ve read on a certain book that “there is no way of best rewarding yourself than saving up for your future”, which I chose to live by for now. I believe you could also achieve your financial goals through this. Saving up before spending is way effective but uncommon to many than spending before saving, making the latter a mentality common to young adults like us.

When you save first, you get to limit yourself to overspend since the amount left for you to spend is restricted. Spending for movies, gadgets, shopping and impulsive buying should only be an option after you’ve saved an ample amount and not the other way around.

Career Investment

Financial GoalsRather than spending for unnecessary stuffs, it is wise to devote your hard-earned money to some career enhancements that could benefit you in the future. Attend seminars, workshops and career programs about setting up your Financial Goals that could improve your skills at work or your self-worth. Through this way, the little amount you’ve spent for attending seminars and so forth would be able to provide you a higher salary at the office in the near future. Spend money on useful books for your career and use it as a tool to get at the top of the company.

Financial Goals

Set your Financial Goals

Since we’re young and already building up our career, we all must have set our goals in life. Whether it is on finance, career and even relationships, we should have a clear vision of our dreams. Write it down on a paper and internalize by marking your list as you achieve your goals along the way. Always remember the saying, “A pen is mightier than a sword”.

Self-ControlFinancial Goals

Avoid doing and spending on things that are not worth your time and money. Why bother buying another mobile phone when your old one is still working and still not out of date? Avoid going to the movie house when you still have documents to finish by the day. Learn to stop yourself from buying on impulse when going to the mall. These are just some examples that many of us are actually ignoring but would be useful when done right.

Financial GoalsLearn to Budget

One way of learning to budget is to list down, sum up your daily expenses and subtract it from your income for the whole month. This way, you’ll be able to monitor where your money goes from day to day basis and how much you are far from achieving your financial goals . You could also study on what aspects you could cut in order to save more or maximize your potential earnings. Even a small difference on saving could eventually get big once everything was added together to achieve your goals.

Be HealthyFinancial Goals

As young as we could be, this is the best time to stay away from vices to avoid harmful diseases in the future. Love your body by eating healthy foods, getting some exercises and staying fit through time. When you’re healthy, you could do way as much as providing yourself a good future ahead. When you feel lazy about this, just think of the amount you could spend during hospitalization. Bet you do not want that.

Financial GoalsInvest your Savings

One of the best advice from adults when it comes to financial goals aspects would be to invest your savings in the bank or in the stock market while you’re young. Experts agreed that investing while you are on your 20’s would make you a millionaire when you retire. That is because the only way to beat inflation is to earn more than the inflation rate every year, which is almost impossible in some cases due to economic glitches. So rather than buying a new gadget, it would be best for our age to study the system and learn to invest early.

ShareFinancial Goals

Every time we achieve something, let us not forget to share – our talent, time and knowledge and your Financial Goals to the people who are there to support us all the way. Remember the times when we need advices, finance and time from them only to find out they are willing to give us more of what we ask. Now is the time to give back by sharing to them what you know and also help other people achieve their goals in life.

So what are your Financial Goals?

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