Setting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as your Goal

My list of Goals for the month of September is compiled as before, keeping one simple question in mind; will accomplishing these goals help me in creating memories, that I could recall fondly over a cup of tea 10-20 years from now.

The following following goals (apart from being able to fulfill my personal criteria) hold the potential of enhancing the personal capital of a participant, while enabling him/her to perform a good deed.

  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Here is the video of  Bill Gates vs Mark Zuckerberg for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Video Credit: İce Bucket Challenge

My goal list begins with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As anyone owning a Facebook or twitter account will confess, the most basic problem arises from this question, “where will my next status come from?” As originality is too time consuming, emulation becomes inevitable. So, what gets emulated? Anything that can contribute to social capital. The content should be easy to create, but not as easy as photographing the morning traffic. For example, a controversial figure was recorded recently rampaging through a major metropolis, smashing windscreens and damaging public property. Overnight, his name became a punch line and images of his actions were relayed to the furthest corners of our imaginations, peaking at the launch of a game depicting the same character wreaking havoc at a location of your choice.

By contrast the ALS Ice Bucket challenge offers an example of a brand harnessing the positive energy of social capital is service to a good deed. As of Thursday August 21st, the ALS association has received $31.5 million in donation compared to $1.9 million raised during the same time period (July 30th to August 21st) last year. If pouring a bucket filled with icy cold water, over my head, can help fight a terrible disease such as ALS then I’m all for it.

My donation of a hundred dollars might not be as impactful in contrast to the amounts being sent in by various celebrities and sports teams and high net worth individuals from across the globe, but it helps me to feel like I’m a part of a struggle. It helps me feel like I have played my part in growing this community of social awareness. That is a memory; I would totally cherish to have 10-20 years from now.

  • Exploring the great white north:

Exploring the great white north

Touch down: Rakaposhi Base Camp – Photo Credit: Khumar Raza.

My goal list for September would not be complete without planning a trek up north to the Rakaposhi base camp.  Rakaposhi is a mountain, located in the Karakorum mountain range in Pakistan. It is located in the Nagar Valley, approximately 100km north from the city of Gilgit. The mountain range itself is a mesmerizing site to behold, with its unique topography of snow covered peaks which melt gracefully into the low-lying valleys of the region. The best time to plan a trekking trip to this particular site is during the months of May till September. The high altitude of the region (ranging between 600 meters to 4000 meters) ensures that snow covers the ground and trail almost throughout the year.

My main reason for planning this trekking trip up north is to explore the different cultures that flourish in this region. There are summer settlements located all along this trekking route (details of which are given below) which give you a unique opportunity to interact with the local people, and learn about their lifestyle. The pasture lands located on the slopes of the mountains can be seen brimming with life, as local shepherds, round up their flocks of sheep, goats, yaks and cows while offering you the many delicacies which are unique to the region. One of these delicacies which is actually quite famous is the ‘Doodh Dumba’ which is a milky form of a custard that is sweetened with honey and dressed with various assortments of dry fruits.

The track which I have planned to take is somewhat difficult, but with the help of local guides I should be able to get to my desired location within the given time. The track leads through the pastureland all the way to the top of the glacier moraine from the Nagar valley and it will take about 2-3 hours easily to walk across the glacier. As there are no lodges available in the area, I will be carrying camping equipment with me. This will be quite exciting as I have heard that the night sky up north is something to behold at least once in your lifetime. After crossing the glacier we will be firmly within the trekking territory and from Minapin village the path will follow the irrigation channels and we shall cross the Kunhar river on a good bridge. It then follows the River before ascending steeply through woods to a summer settlement knows as Bungidas. Higher up is the smaller summer settlement of Hapakun with good camping.

The path continues through woods pastures, climbing steeply to the crest of lateral moraine which until now has hidden the huge Minapin Glacier to the left. There are spectacular views from here of Diran peak (7266m) excellent view of north face of Rakposhi (7788 m). The narrow path then traverses across slop, which drops away steeply down to the glacier before descending to Tagafari, a narrow field between the lateral moraine and Rakaposhi. If this is as far as you intend to go, it is well worth spending a day here to explore and take in the scenery. From Tagafari, it is possible to cross the Minapin glacier to Kachelly, a summer pasture with superb views of Rakaposhi.

The month of September is about to begin and I have to make my preparations accordingly. Maybe during these new adventures I will be able to list down the next few goals for the month of October, allowing me to continue this series of blogs. Until then, stay safe, and keep making memories.

So are you making your ALS Bucket Challenge Goal on Linkagoal?

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