Don’t Get Confused While Making Goals

Shouldn’t a person announce his goals to his friends? According to the researchers, people who discuss their goals with their friends and colleagues are less likely to achieve them, really? Isn’t it more convenient to discuss goals with friends who can give their input and support for following the goal plan? A layman might think that talking about his goals will give him more motivation but it’s all wrong. A goal plan which is discussed and announced publicly ends up being confined in the planning stage because of the following reasons:

Suggestions of Friends & Colleagues

When a person announces his goal to other people, the floor is opened for other people to comment, suggest and give opinions about the goal and the goal plan. This can sometimes be demotivating for that person. Other people might think that his goal is not really worthy or they can openly say that he will not be able to achieve it. This is why goals of people who openly discuss their goals are usually not achieved. They remain in the process of the goal planning and never move forward to take action. This is why a person should never discuss his goals with his friends or family member. Though the encouragement and support he will receive will be great but it is better not to welcome any wagging tongues.

Sense of completion

It has been observed that people who discuss and brag about their goals with other people gain a sense of completion and over confidence. It seems difficult to keep goals and goal plans private but that is what one must do to accomplish them. The misguided sense of premature accomplishment will only lead a person to lose focus and motivation towards achieving his goals. A person should always see how much he still has to achieve, not what he has achieved.

Focus wandered from other goals

Bragging is bad. It gives a person a sense of overwhelming and over confidence which leads him to behave irrationally and boast about things which he has not even accomplished yet. If a person brags and boasts about the goals he has achieved in the past or about the short term ones he has achieved to accomplish a big goal, he might lose focus for the other or long term goals. He might not realize it right away because of his irrational sense of premature accomplishment but later on he will definitely regret it.

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