5 Ways of Keeping Your Goals In Front of You

For revitalizing your goals in your mind, some people suggest writing and re-writing your goals everyday so that you think about them often. Another way is to read your goals once a day at least. This will help you to keep your goals fresh in your mind.

By not doing so, chances are that you will become less-motivated towards your goals and get surrounded by every day activities instead of trying to accomplish your goals.

Whenever you set a goal, make sure that you are working and focusing on it. By doing so, you will see a definite improvement in your progress. The feeling of accomplishing your goals will keep you energized and motivated for your next set goal.

So, the basic idea is to always keep your goals in front of you. Following are some points that might help you;

1 – Load Your Digital Photo Frames with Positive Imagery

You don’t need to remove your family and friends photos to carry out this idea. Just add pictures of things that inspire you for achieving your goals. Place the photo frame in a place where you can see it every day. This will keep reminding you of your goals so that you can feel provoked.

2 – Use a Sidebar Widget

Widgets can be very useful for keeping your goals in front of you. Use sidebar widget on your computer and add photos that inspire you. While working on your computer, you will constantly be seeing those photos and that will keep you motivated towards your goals.

3 – Change Background of Your Gadget

Another way is changing the background of your computer or your phone (or both). Select a motivational photo; add an inspirational quote or any text to it and save it as your background.

4 – Post Your Goals Everywhere

Write your goals on few papers or print them out and paste it on the walls of your home and workplace, so that they can keep you inspired for achieving your goals. Another way of making your goals impactful is to share them on Linkagoal, (a goal based social networking website), so that friends and family members can contribute in one way or the other to help you complete your goal.

5 – Share With People Around You

Some people believe that goals should not be shared with people around you but I think that sharing your goals with others will filter people who feel happy about your success and those do not.  The best thing to do with people who are against you is to cut them from your circle because in the long-run, you won’t be able to adjust with those people.

Another benefit of sharing your goals with people who support you is that they will encourage you to accomplish your goals and keep a check on you, so that will keep you motivated.

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