Learn how to Write Goals

Human brain is a fascinating organ of our body. It deals with our day to day activities by interacting with the electrical impulses of our nervous system. It also acts as our problem solver, always ready and waiting to handle difficult situations we may encounter on our ways. Apart from dealing with our growling stomachs and balancing our accounts, human brains can work in many other different ways.

In this article, I am going to explain how a brain works for a writer. Writers have so much to deal with apart from just writing i.e. self-discipline and long-term commitment. Following are some goal setting approaches that can generally work with every writer in order to achieve their writing goals.

01 – Write Them Down

It is found that most of the people skip this step completely. They think that they can plan their goals in their heads and achieve them. For them, sharing their goals with others or writing them down on a paper can reduce the chances of their achievements but that is not so. For accomplishing any goal, this step is very important i.e. to write your goals down on a paper. You will be surprised by how just writing the goals down  will make it easier for you to take action on it because by doing so, you subconsciously understand the fact that you can do everything to achieve the goal you have planned and you have all the capabilities to do so.

When writing down the list of your goals, keep this in mind that it is not just an ordinary list. You have to be very specific about your each and every goal. So write down everything that you have planned for achieving the goals and specify a deadline for every goal so that you can keep a check on yourself.

02 – Break Them Down

Next step is to break your long-term goals in to short-term goals. By breaking them in to little easily achievable goals, you will be able to keep record of how much you have done so far. For instance, if one of your writing goals is to write and publish your own book then your short-term goals can be like hire an agent, contact some experienced writers etc. Also, always have a plan B in case you face failure in your first plan so that you can keep yourselves going.

03 – Knock Them Down

Finally, start taking actions once you have planned everything for your goals. Start with your short-term goals to eventually accomplish your long-term goals. Be sure to keep a check on your progress and focus on one thing at a time.

By following these simple easy steps, you are likely to achieve your writing goals in no time. For getting help from writers, join Linkagoal to polish your skills and broaden your horizon.

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