Circling Around With Your Goals – Why?

Do you sometimes feel like that you have a clear vision about your goal, made proper strategies to achieve it and worked on it but after years of taking action on that goal, you haven’t achieved as much as you have put effort in it?

One reason for it can be that you did move forward, but maybe it wasn’t as much as you were expecting. On the other hand, if you take a look at other people who have set similar tasks, they seem to be achieving more in less time. This might mean that you are just running in circles for years.

What can be the reason of you running in circles while others achieving the similar tasks more easily?

The most common reason might be that you are following the wrong goal achievement strategy. That strategy might be working for others but for you; it is just waste of time. Why is that so?

This can be explained by the tale of two vibrations. If a person likes to stay neat, clean and tidy then he would always like to have a neat and clean environment and if something does get out of order in terms of neatness then the person will feel a strong desire of fixing that problem. This is because it is part of his “vibe” or you can say, her nature, to be neat and clean. Now consider a second person who does not have a vibe of staying neat and organized. If he plans to get organized and tries to work on it then that feeling won’t stay with him for long. Eventually, he will re-clutter his place after a few days.

What these examples explain is that you have to make sure that your goals are congruent with your vibe before working on them because if your vibe does not match your goal then you will keep running in circles and achieve nothing. Your default level of thinking should match your goal and that is the only way in which you can achieve your goals easily. Otherwise, you will start procrastinating and that will only waste your time. Many people have signed up at Linkagoal to get better ways to accomplish their goals. This has helped them to discuss their goals with those people who have similar goals and as a result they have contributed to one another in terms of completing their goals.

To achieve a goal that does not match your nature, you need to make improvement in yourself first. Change your level of thinking so that it matches with the level at which your goal can be achieved. After reaching that level, change your goal plan and modify it according to that level. In this way, you will eventually achieve your goal in no time.

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