Visualizing A Goal Makes It Less Likely To Achieve It

Where making goals and achieving are concerned, people have power within themselves to turn their dreams into reality. No one can force anyone else to put effort and hard work in achieving their goals. Many self-help teachings proclaim that anyone who wants to achieve his goals has to put effort by himself. No one can force or pressurize someone if they are not willing to put their hundred percent efforts into something. It has been observed by the users of Linkagoal that visualizing and fantasizing about a goal makes it less likely to achieve it.

When a person fantasizes about a goal and its outcome, he experienced a feeling of premature success, which is hazardous to the goal plan. This feeling of success is a facade and does not allow a person to take any action. Researches prove that fantasies do not allow the generation of energy to follow the dreams and take steps towards achievement of goals. People are de-energized by positive fantasies.

The negative fantasies downright kill the motivation or any urge to become active and work towards the achievement of goals. The old school thought to have a vision to make it turn into reality has been discarded by modern studies. If someone wants anything, instead of following the vision, take action immediately. The time spent in planning may delay the actions that need to be taken at once. Take a plunge into the plan of action without delay once you have decided what you want, and what your goal is.

There is, however, a difference between envisioning something and fantasizing about it. Vision is based upon reality projection. Fantasizing is all about creating a story in mind without any significant relevance to reality. Fantasies remain in minds where as vision lead to successful reality if they are followed and people make efforts to achieve them.

Once a person makes a goal, he should take actions according to the action plan. Instead of thinking about all the possible outcomes, people should think what they want and how they will achieve it. The action plan should be divided into small and achievable goals. If someone wants to lose weight, he should make a goal for losing certain weight within desired time. Then he should divide this goal into short ones. Like he will not eat more than 600 calories each day, he will exercise every day, or eat healthy food.

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