How to achieve a goal in a week’s time?

In order to lead a great life, it is mandatory for everyone to learn the art of goal management. When people decide about the set of goals that they want to achieve in their lives, they are able to live a successful and purposeful life. Linkagoal provides these specialized services to its users. The main aim of Linkagoal is to provide individuals with guidance on developing a goal plan that is compatible with their personal value system so that they can achieve their goals easily. Most of the people prefer to set yearly goals and review them only at year end; however, the most effective way is to set weekly goals so that their level of progress can be effectively monitored.

 Break down the goals

The foremost thing that needs to be done when carrying out goal setting for a week is to make a list of the desired goals that have to be accomplished. The major categories of goals are personal goals (which revolve around family, friends, relatives and other close acquaintances and relationships), financial goals (which comprise of making investment or saving decisions, purchasing a new car, home or any other asset) and fun goals (which are set to give a calm and relaxing time after a stressful week). The goals for each category have to be written down so that there is clarity about the sense of direction that has to be followed.

 Define the goals according to priority

Once the goals are listed, the next thing is to write them in order of priority so that there is understanding about the importance of the goals. After ranking each goal, the set of goals from each category that will be accomplished each week will be grouped into weekly categories so that the person is well-aware about the goals that have to be accomplished at the end of each week. It is important to decide about the day on which the weekly goals will be reviewed and make sure that any deviation from the goals is adequately addressed.

 Appreciating for accomplishment of goals

When a person is deciding about own goals, there should be some rewarding mechanism to appreciate the accomplishment of targeted goals. One more thing that needs to be kept in mind is that goals should be SMART. This means that each goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bounded. This method has proven to be effective as it allows the people to ensure that they are achieving their desired goals effectively and can even appreciate their efforts for accomplishing the targeted goals.

 Today, people can be successful only when they have a certain vision in their mind. Lack of clarity about the sense of direction can prove to be too devastating for a person as there will be a lot of failures in his/her life. Goals should be set after analysis of one’s own personality so that there is compatibility between the targeted goals of a person and level of personal interest which make the goal achieving process an exciting and interesting journey.

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