Keeping Goal In Sight

People make goals and forget all about them. It is because they get sidelined. If someone does not want to get side-lined and lose focus on his goal, he should keep his goal in sight all the time. If a person’s goal is to lose weight, at the time when he is placing an order for food if he is reminded about his goal, he will order healthy food rather than all the yummy, cheesy fried stuff. Experts claim that writing or re-writing goals can potentially increase the chances of sticking to the goals. Losing sight of reminders which keep hammering and engraving goals on the brain may result in neglecting the goal. This practice refreshes the goal in mind.  A person takes every action with the focus on  goal achieving if goals are in sight all the time.

There are a number of ways to keep goals in view. A few methods by which a person can keep his goals in view all the time include:


The easiest way to keep goals in view is to take a picture of the written goal, pin it to a photo frame and put on the work desk. This way as long as the person works, his goal plan will be in front of him. If the goal is work related, this is even better. He will stay motivated, focused and will follow the goal plan while working.


According to the experts, people should never disclose their goals to friends or colleagues, but it has been seen that spouses or partners are supportive of the goals set by their better half. Telling goals to a partner or spouse may be a good idea. Partner or spouse can help in staying motivated to the goals and can also help out by partnering in activities. If a person aims to lose weight, his wife can support him by eating low fat foods with him, going on the workouts with him or joining a gym. Working alone can be tiring.


This is the age of technology. People use cell phones and computers all the time. A person can write his goal and use it as the background image in his cell phone and also as a screen saver. He can also post the goal on the fridge, his work desk, computer desktop and also in the side bar widget.


When using computer, people should select screensavers or desktop images which will help them in staying motivated and determined towards accomplishing goals.

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