SAFE Goal Setting Tool

Every organization exists in the market with a specific sense of purpose and it is vital for every firm to ensure that it has a well-defined set of goals that will enhance its performance. There is a huge difference between the goal and objective; most of the goal setting planners usually overlook this fact and use the terms interchangeably. When understanding goal v/s objective, the primary difference is that goals are set for shorter time periods as compared to objectives. Goals are usually decided after the objectives are set because an objective is broken down into smaller goals to ensure that the end objective will be successfully achieved. When a goal plan is being developed, it is vital for a company to employ all creative means that will ensure that the targeted goals are accomplished on time and with perfection.

Use “SAFE” goal setting tool

The SMART goal setting method is the most commonly used technique but now the companies have realized that they can motivate their employees in achieving the desired goals by showing them creativity and making the goals interesting for them. It is important to take the employees’ opinion when deciding about the goals so that they feel worthwhile and are willing to make valuable contributions in the organization.

The “SAFE” method is the latest tool that is used among the goal management teams as it has proven to be quite beneficial for enhancing the performance of an organization. Here are some details about “SAFE” goal setting technique:

  • See itWhen the goal or a set of goals is set, first decide about the end result that has to be accomplished. It is important for the people to visualize the end result that they want to achieve because only then they will be able to follow the right direction. Otherwise, deviation from the well-organized plan will be easy. It even allows people to think about various creative ways that can help them in accomplishing the desired targets.
  • Accept itThe organization has to have strong belief in the goal that it is achievable and the employees will put in 100% efforts in achieving it. There should be compatibility between what the organization says and does so that people can develop relevance between the targeted goal and main objective of the firm.
  • Feel itAll the goals can be achieved when there is emotional attachment with them. People have to develop both physical and mental attention to the goals because lack of this attachment will make goal attainment a difficult task. Therefore, it is important to feel the significance of the goals for the organization.
  • Express itThere are many ways in which goals can be expressed such as verbally motivating everyone on board, developing visuals so that people feel rejuvenated and etc. When the goal will be expressed in differing ways, there are huge chances that the goals will be successfully achieved.

So, everyone who wants to be successful in achieving the desired goals will have to first reassure oneself about the achievability of them and ensure that they comply with their interest level so that they feel motivated to strive towards their achievement.

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